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the dangers of masturbation

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Previously, I wrote about how to stop masturbation; the drives and the will force, and had it tough with fellow bloggers and followers. I neither stand as a Muslim nor a Christian or any other religion when writing controversial topics.


There are dangers in masturbating, whether you accept it or not, I have never seen anything that has an advantage that does not have a disadvantage.According to medicaldaily , Masturbation relieves stress and pain, diseases prevention; of course, they did not forget to list the dangers of masturbation

  • masturbation is bad for mental health
  • can lead to bodily harm e.t.c

furthermore, read what evewoman has to say about the dangers of masturbation. Still not convinced that masturbation is bad for you, can you honestly tell yourself how you feel after masturbating.                                 with permission from a follower to post her reply from a survey on masturbation” After masturbating I feel weak and empty, and I promise myself never to masturbate again which I never keep, the drives makes me lose control of my body”   (Laura Evan)                                                                              

 The Bible addresses masturbation in 1 thess 4:3-8 reads                                for this is Gods will: that you become holy, and keep away from sexual immorality

The Bible also went further to explain that masturbation is uncleanness before God impurity and lasciviousness in Galatians 5:19-21

Man was given three things by God and hold one for himself which is

  • time
  • choice
  • breath

and reserved JUDGEMENT for himself, so we can choose to live as we like; we humans usually have excuses to back up every of our actions in our defense, whether we are right or wrong. Read what the Bible says on those excuses in Romans 2:1, Therefore thou art inexcusable.

Masturbation is a dirty practice and can affect your life negatively, no matter how strongly you support masturbation the disadvantages are greater.



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