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It is human nature to give up on something the moment after first and second trial nothing positive happens, when we do something the first time, if it is not perfect we tend to loose motivation to continue, when we see others make progress educationally, maritally, financially, we tend to emulate their lifestyle, we hardly care to find out what they have gone through to get to where they are.

i tried and tried but failed

this statement has been  used by many who have encountered problems in one field to justify their failures.we must learn from our failures and and try to improve our self, when we give up easily, we never have the opportunity to see the end of our beginning. for this purpose let us examine three case study

case study⇒ Thomas Edison

am sure you know who he is,  Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb that we all enjoy today. he just didn’t succeed the first time he tried,  it took him 10,000 times to be perfect which means he had failed attempt at 9,999 times. how many of us can have such patience after much failure. if Thomas Edison has given up, who would have heard about his name now, can you endure 10,000 failed attempt, i bet you cant

Edison wrote on his failed attempt that, ” i was never myself discouraged or inclined to be hopeless of success”

Thomas Alva Edison, Inventor, 1922

case study⇒ the wright brothers

they invented the airplane, their personality really inspire me, the brothers had no high school diploma, but were able to hit such a massive success in the course or their work they encountered the following challenges.

  • both brothers were never married, total dedication to their course
  • one of the brothers was involved in the first fatal aviation accident which caused him a broken broken leg, four broken ribs, and a back injury that impaired him for the rest of his life

Airplane, Brothers, Dayton, Flying

case study⇒ Micheal Faraday

Micheal Faraday invented the electricity, dynamo and electricity glucose, what moves me from Micheal Faraday was his upbringing.

  • Micheal Faraday father was a poverty strict blacksmiths
  • due to money constraints Faraday had to  leave school at the age of 13

Micheal Faraday  favorite quote is “but still try for who knows what is possible”

challenges faced by Micheal Faraday

  • Micheal Faraday suffered damages to his eyes to his eyes in a nitrogen chloride explosion
  • he failed thousand of times.


based on these case study, i urge you never to give up in any area of  your interest, no matter how difficult it is,go on, continue and you will celebrated at the end


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