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We live in world where the internet has taken over, we depend on the internet for mostly all information, ideas, the internet has taken over our youth and they are now addicted to it. one one major benefits of the internet is it allows us to have conversation with someone very far from us. everybody has gone the way of the internet, people even form groups according to their needs, though the internet has its advantage we should not neglect its disadvantages


Relationships can be referred as the way two or more people are connect or the state of being connected.

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with the coming up of social networks, we can meet with long time friends, family members and new people. through the internet we can meet with people who are dangerous to our lives. many ladies have fallen victim of this and have lost their lives, a relationship can  start  through the internet, we begin to become intimate and we ask our self what harm could it bring.

girls have been caught in the web, some post naked pictures to their acclaimed lover, whom they know nothing about, they are so small minded all for few cents given to them, we have so many fraudsters and fake people who tell you things you are interested to hear and which are all lies, they get you entangled with sweet talks and therefore get your heart.

there are many male and internet fraudsters who have perfected their craft, they know the right buttons to press to get to you. it is very easy to write the right thing, say the right thing and still be fake, they tell you they have a house, they are a graduate and living well and in search for a hardworking lady for a serious relationship, they run to their neighbors room and take a selfie, uploads to you with a caption ” in my sitting room just relaxing”,  oh you are moved with lust, you wish you were there to stay with him, no wonder as soon as he demands for your nude pics, you do not think twice before sending it.

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the dangers of internet relationship are

  • emotional robbery
  • psychological instability
  • hindrance to future partner

it is to my notice that some people, have met their partners on net, but every thing should be done orderly, do not be moved b words of mouth, get to know someone physically before getting emotionally attached


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