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Mathematics as a subject has given so many students a cause for concern and some students told me, that they will never be good in mathematics. Mathematics can be learned and understood, if we develop  interest in the subject. the nature of mathematics needs deep reasoning. most students do not want to rack their brains, take note that the human brain remain dormant if information is not collected.
Learn, Mathematics, Child, Girl, FormulaAs a person, i hated anything that has do do with maths, i even tried to study a course that would not involve mathematics in the university, i even often wish that mathematics never existed in the world. as God will have it, i went for my IT, and i met serious minded ladies like me, as young as i am talking and tutoring maths in an authoritative way, i felt jealous and decided to give math a try. I got a tutor and started, but was never serious, when the tutor comes, i usually find an excuse not to study or worst pretend i was sick. until one sultry Monday afternoon; i would never forget that day that made me a better person and gave me a reason to write this post.

my maths tutor told me, “mathematics is like a journey to the forest of gold, if you consider all the hindrances, and terrific moments, you will surely miss your gold”. I pondered about those words for two days and finally decided to give maths a try, i assured myself that if i fail at least i fail trying. with open mind and sincerity my tutor gave me lessons , and i was so dedicated. to my utmost surprise, less than six month, i became a math tutor myself and began earning money from maths tutoring. with these testimony of mine, i have been able to sum up the steps by which we can be an expert in maths.

  • hire a tutor
  • constant practicing  and dedication
  • never skipped a difficult word problem
  •  challenge yourself
  • teach others and form a study group


The first step to be an expert in maths is to get a professional private math tutor to guide you through, maths can be tricky and confusing with various method, which is why you need a tutor,to teach you those laws governing maths

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Even with the aid of a tutor, it will still be difficult to understand math without constant practicing. constant practicing opens your brain up too new methods, also accelerating your thinking. you need constant practicing to get used to mathematical formulas and how to apply them

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When practicing maths, we may come across difficult word problems that are challenging and we may be tempted to skipped to a much easier one, mathematics is arranged in a hierarchy order, you miss a step, you miss it all.

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Occasionally, you can set up an exam for yourself, to test if you really understand what you have learnt so far and see your capability. challenging yourself makes no the areas you are lacking and how to put more study efforts


I personally recommend  this method, because, when you tutor others, you will feel the urge to improve you competence, so you can teach more. if you follow all these steps and you are interested to learn maths, then congratulations, you are already a math professional.

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