causes of student failures at tertiary institution


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Have you ever wondered, why few student graduates with distinction, and the rest graduates with a third class? It is because every student choose their path right from the first year in the university. Most student pray and wish there grades will be good, but according to my  analysis,

there are several factors why student fail and do not graduate with distinction, they are.

  • entertainment  (sports, movies, festivals, dancing)
  • merriment
  • sex or passion
  • fashion taste
  • Honor  (power, title)
  • over sleep

sex or passion

Many students are carried away by crave to belong to one group or the other. they go after relationship, some ladies left their primary purpose of coming to school to go after men, turned into sex workers. how then can we expect these type to graduate with a distinction. a student who instead of reading goes after the opposite sex can never graduate with good grades, unless of course they pay their way through.

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most student are so carried away by fun that it has got the better half of them. they are so interested in sports, movies, festivals. they can spend over three hours watching movies and playing games, hardly would they read.

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this is one eighty percent of females are guilty of this, they will do anything just to be seen on the latest fashion designers, even if it meant stealing or sacrificing their bodies, they do not care, they have forgotten their sole aims of going to school. How can such people graduate with good grades

fashion sence


There are times as human we want to experience power, the ability to control others. Yes it is indeed a beautiful feeling. But not to the expense of our education. the primary purpose of coming to school is to learn and graduate well, when this is not achieved, then we have failed as a student. most student have pursued titles in the school, some have acquired fame, how do you expect someone who is feeling honoured and reverend to stoop so low and read, let us mind that all those titles and fame we acquired while at school, ends in school the moment you graduates


This is the number one enemy student has, some sleep at night and wake the following evening,no time to read. getting good grades is no magic and would not come by prayer but hard work, studying

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hard work pays, when you study very well after graduating, you can stand and give advice to others, and you are better equip for the challenge ahead of you

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