is university education really a waste in nigeria


one look into Nigerian educational sector and its stress level, some individuals prefer to go into business and make time useful. some put into consideration the amount of money and time, efforts and after graduating, job are limited

there are two types of graduates

  • the graduates that passes through school
  • the graduate that school passes through

the graduates that school passes through

this set of people got admitted into the university and was influenced negatively. they are seen drinking, partying, smoking. hardly do they go for lectures, group work. they do not even consider assignment as part of learning, they neglect, test, field trip, other organised activities in school. nothing seems to be of interest to them. the university is a waste to this set of people, because when they are deployed to the labor market, they cannot  deliver what is expected of them

  • graduates that the school passes through

the set of people are graduates who have utilize all the teachings, practicals, group work, assignment, projects, field trips for their own personal development. this set of people without supervision can coordinate and organize themselves in the work place. this are the set of people companies, organisations,schools, hospitals are looking for because they know they can deliver effectively” the truth is we can only give what we have “.

is university education a waste of time

no, no, and no. university education is not a waste of time, there are benefits when we go to school,

  • higher learning makes you more productive, you will learn new tactics and new skills, techniques and strategies in your various field
  • the university improve your reasoning, this is possible because you will be integrated with so many people of different background thereby adding to your knowledge

the university is not necessary for progress

it is true, it is not necessary for progress, but it is an additional advantage to progress, not going to the university does not mean you will not excel. there are two types of education, the formal and the informal education. if you are not opportune to get the formal education, get informal form of education, what matters is how diligent and strong willed are you to progress

how to avoid graduating and still searching for job

look at the economy of your country, observe carefully  which sector is more significant and relevance to the society, choose from one them and study, there are jobs that are high relevance such as

  • teaching
  • medicine/surgeon
  • bankers
  • technology and information

if university education is not important, how come are we running to doctors, lawyers, judges when we have problem, remember these people all got their knowledge from the school


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